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How will we enhance and further develop your English language skills? Firstly, we have realized that one-on-one conversation with an experienced tutor will help you grow in your English language skills. This would consist of engaging discourse on topics that are intriguing to you. Secondly, we realize that having a staff of experienced tutors is important to your success. You will be paired with a tutor that is a native in the English language.

The students that we have tutored represent a wide variety of professions. What must be stressed is that these professions run the gamut of highly respected positions in society. We have tutored real estate developers, political diplomats, top corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professional occupations. The students that we have tutored have represented top companies such as Samsung, Toyota, Panasonic, and BMW.

Having tutored students that represent such reputable corporations, we are sure that we will be able to take your English language skills to the next level. We will work with you on improving your abilities to communicate in the English language. If your reason for improving your English language skills is for the purpose of carrying out business or for work, it is best for you to work with our company. With EnglishTutor.TV, we provide an experience that truly won’t be matched by any other tutoring service. When you are finished your free trial lesson, we are sure you will choose us for continued lessons. We have tutored over 700 students! We have tutored students from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, France, Canada, and America.

If interested, we are available to tutor over Skype. We charge $17 USD/hr over Skype. As a special offer, your first lesson of half an hour will be free. During the lesson we can speak and talk about your goals as a student of the English language. To book your free demo lesson, simply e-mail us at:

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